When a young child experiences consistency in his or her own life, we are reassuring them that they can depend on their environment and on those who care for them. The consistency of a rhythmic life lends itself to security and a positive sense of self. Trust in the unfolding of life develops. A sense that here there is time to do things carefully and beautifully is cultivated at Glenaeon Preschool, without the overstimulation that a hurried city life can bring.

Children’s healthy habits are supported by repetition of meaningful real-life tasks and their connection to life is deepened through cyclic events such as family and community festivals.

Family Festivals

A major family festival is held each term. This is a wonderful way to build community and celebrate the beauty and bounty of nature.

Weekly Rhythm

Each week will usually have a baking day, a park day and a painting day as well as perhaps a child’s birthday festival with a celebration story which the parents attend.

Rhythm of the Day

8:30-9:00 Arrive
9:00-10:15 Indoor creative play, painting, cooking, building, role play
10:20-10:30 Morning circle, imaginative songs and movement
10:30 Morning tea of fruit platter and porridge or home-made bread
11:00 Outdoor creative play, gardening, sand and water play, cubbies, climbing
12:30 Lunch made at the centre by the children and teachers – fried rice, sushi, soup or pasta
1:10 Puppet or prop story within an imaginative landscape
1:20-2:20 Rest and drawing time
2:30-3:20 Outdoor creative play, gardening, sand and water play, cubbies and climbing
3:00-3:20 Early Preschool pick-up, social time to speak with parents
3:30-4:30 Afternoon tea, play for long day children

Harvest Festival
A family picnic. Apple Picking at Bilpin Springs Orchard.

Mid-Winter Lantern Festivals
An evening story, lantern walk and visit to the crystal cave.

Spring Festivals
Making our flower garlands in the morning, then in the afternoon a silk puppet story, songs and afternoon tea in the park.

Christmas Festivals
A festive puppet story, handmade gift for each child and picnic tea in our garden.

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