“Glenaeon is a preschool that goes above-and-beyond to honour childhood. Rooted in a deep understanding of children’s physical and emotional needs, it celebrates preschool not simply as a ‘preparation for…’ but as a joyous and wholly relevant stage of life in itself.

When I walk into Glenaeon preschool, I often feel calm and centred, even if I have been running around like a headless chook outside. This centeredness of spirit manifests in the simple beauty of the environment and, most significantly, in the teachers themselves who display gentle wisdom, a commitment to presence, and a deep respect for each child.

Outside play is a large component of the program, which the children love. When I drop or collect my son from preschool it is not unusual to see a child barefoot in the garden and a cherry tomato being plucked from the vine by little fingers. My son often comes home with shoes filled with sand – and I know it’s been a day well spent.

As a parent I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Glenaeon Preschool community, where I am always made to feel welcome. Aside from the general warmth and chatter around pick up time, embedded in the Preschool’s rhythm is a calendar of seasonal festivals which bring the wider Glenaeon community together in celebration.”

Emily. Mother of a 5 year old boy

“Over the past six years our family was immersed in the very special experience of Glenaeon Preschool. Be it the beautiful natural surroundings, the rhythmic embrace of the passing seasons, or the unwavering dedication and sincerity of its staff, each day offered our children a joyful experience that helped cultivate their creativity, confidence and happiness.

Perhaps our greatest surprise at Glenaeon Preschool was how many rich experiences it contributed to our childrens’ preschool years. Special highlights included the annual seasonal gatherings (picking apples in autumn, soup and bread campfires in the darkness of winter, flower garlands to welcome spring), imaginative fairy tale stories for key occasions, plus beautiful birthday celebrations (complete with candles, songs, angels and stars). Staff always focused on creating magical memories for each child, and it was a privilege to be present and share those moments.

As our children moved to kindergarten and beyond, they still reminisce with great fondness of their early years at Glenaeon Preschool (as do we). We highly recommend the preschool to any families who wish to experience a unique and memorable journey through early childhood.

Ben. Father of 3 children now all graduated from preschool

From the moment I set foot in Gleneon I knew it was the right place for us. It’s a place that exudes warmth and peace and very much like a home. My children enjoy going to preschool and the bond they have with their teachers really is special. The teachers are very much focused on celebrating children’s individuality and their strengths. I have noticed them do this by simply watching and listening.

This has taught me so much as a parent, take the time, follow your child and you learn so much. What I have found has been great for me as a parent, is to meet and be surrounded by like-minded people. It’s inspiring and encouraging and reinforces more and more what My family and I value. The seasonal festivals have also been a wonderful experience, it’s a reminder of how great it is to celebrate the changes throughout the year and take the time to notice and enjoy.

Louise. Mother of two current children

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