Our Staff

Peggy Day

Peggy Day has been a preschool and primary teacher and has a Masters of Education specialising in child development and the importance of a play-based and creative early childhood. She has been involved in teaching, teacher training and management at Glenaeon School for several decades and has been Director of Glenaeon Preschool for 6 years.

Peggy Day, Director

Rose McCathie

I have recently arrived at Glenaeon Preschool following a number of years working in Steiner Early Childhood Education. I love the calm atmosphere, daily rhythm and connection to nature that the Steiner philosophy supports in our work with young children. I am an early childhood teacher and have completed a foundation course in Steiner education for young children.

Rose McCathie, Class Teacher

Sue McCudden

I have been a teacher at Glenaeon Preschool for 10 years. My own four children attended Glenaeon and it was my journey with them through their school years that ignited my passion for the Steiner philosophy of commitment to the traditional values of childhood.

Sue McCudden, Class Teacher

Edgar Maier

Parenting my two daughters, I was inspired to enter the realm of the Steiner philosophy in general and Steiner Early Childhood Education in particular. I have extensive formal training in Steiner EC Education, as well as a diploma in EC Education. I have been a Room Leader for six years at Glenaeon Preschool. 

Edgar Maier, Class Teacher

Nancy Amini

I have been a teacher at Glenaeon Preschool for 6 years both as room leader and assistant. I have a diploma in early childhood education as well as formal training in Steiner education. 

Nancy Amini, Class Teacher

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